Biovision  A+

Biovision Δ+

Advanced optics aspheric Hydrophilic acrylic foldable intraocular lens

Conventional spherical IOLS have positive spherical aberrations resulting in decreased contrast sensitivity.

First generation aspherical IOLs have negative spherical aberrations. These IOLs are not universally acceptable because of higher order aberrations (HOAs) in case of decentration or tilting of lens.

IOLs Aspheric Series IOLs are aberration free IOLs with aspheric anterior and posterior surfaces. The aberration free design provides good performance and vision even in case of zonular weakness, decentrated pupils and tilting of lens. (Biovision Δ+Aspheric Series IOLs have been tested for +0.5 mm of decentration and 5 Degree of tilting). The visual function in myopic /low light conditions improves drastically.

All foldable IOLs can be implanted by means of single use Delivery Systems as Injectors and Cartridges or Preloaded Systems.

Edge and haptic thickness of Biovision Δ+IOLs are manufactured to the exact dimensions ensuring they can then be inserted, by surgeons, into the capsular bag, in a stable and safe position, without risk of vaulting or rotation.

Biovision Δ+IOLs are manufactured with a square edge encompassing the full 360° of the back optic zone. Biovision Δ+have a front edge profile to reduce dysphotopsia. 

  Image quality BiovisionΔ+: Lens demonstrates over 50% improvement in MTF performance over competitive lenses at 100 Ip/mm, which is comparable to 20/20 resolution

Optic: The Aspheric design of BiovisionΔ+Lens reduces spherical aberration and has a better profile.



Biovision Δ+