LENSDIDAR Special Implants
BIORING 12 &13(Capsular Tension Ring)

The necessity in modern cataract surgery BIORING (Lensdidar capsular Tension Ring) is designed for expansion and stabilization of the capsular bag to facilitate IOL Implantation and maintain excellent IOL centration. It is intended to reduce the risk of capsular shrinkage or fibrosis.

BIORING is manufactured from one-piece BLUE PMMA CQ-UV blocker and stabilize the capsule in cases of damaged or missing zonules.

BIORING is a Semi-circular ring made entirely of BLUE PMMA CQ-UV with one manipulation hole at each end of the ring. BIORING is intended for placement into the equator of the capsular bag during cataract surgery by using either forceps or a CTR injector. BIORING is available in 2sizes, BIORING 12 and BIORING 13.



The CTR is used for patients who have weakened or missing zonules supporting the capsular bag of the eye. Some complications of cataract surgery with weakened zonules include:

  • Missing or damaged zonules
  • Normal eyes or for complications connected with myopia
  • Zonular support during phaco
  • Stabilization of the nucleus
  • Zonulolysis / pseudoexfoliation
  • Dislocation of the nucleus
  • Vitreous loss
  • Lens subluxation into the vitreous
  • The need to position the intraocular lens in another part of the eye
  • Loss of optimal visual acuity

Having a capsular tension ring available during all cataract procedures may allow surgeons to increase their overall success rates. When zonular support of the capsular bag is inadequate, the capsular tension ring can be used to reduce stress on the remaining zonules during phacoemulsification and cortex removal, to increase stability of the capsular bag, and to prevent lens subluxation. Once the ring is placed within the capsular bag, it expands and recruits the remaining intact zonules to support weak areas.


  • Inadequate zonular support
  • patients with pseudoexfoliation syndrome
  • Trauma causing zonular dialysis
  • Phacodonesis
  • Myopic eyes with IOL power of less than 16 diopters.
  • Repositioning of lOLdecentration
  • Disorders like: Marfan’s syndrome, Scleroderma, homocystinuria, spherophakia, porphyria,hyperlysinemia, Sulfite Oxidase deficiency.
  • Low or shallow AC depth : patients with previous glaucoma alteration surgery or patients with RK surgery with greater than 8 incisions.

Material: PMMA CQ-UV blocker
Positioning Holes: 2 x 0.4 mm
Color: Blue
Overall Diameter: 12.0mm & 13.0mm
Model: Bioring 12 & Bioring 13
Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide