Lensdidar Company founded in 1996 and aimed to the ocular lens production.
The technology of production intraocular lenses has been transferred from a French company named BIOTECH Sarl.

Lensdidar stands out for it’s mastering of design conception, supported by advanced mechanical and optical software, of production (Advanced CAD-CAM, networked lathes and mills, on-line inspection with laser interferometer, real-time supervision of manufacturing and management with software integrating quality assurance), and of complete computer-based traceability, from raw materials to final destination.
Factory equipments including laboratories, clean rooms and products Quality control unit, established in the best possible situation.

 Lensdidar designs and manufactures PMMA & Hydrophilic Acrylic intra-ocular lenses with two brand names:

  1. ” Vision ” (as PMMA lens ) for export and “Lensiran” for internal market
  2. “Biovision ”  (as Acrylic foldable lens)
  • Final inspection under class 100 laminar flows placed inside class 1000 clean room.
  • IS09001 Quality Assurance System for PMMA and hydrophilic acrylic intra-ocular lenses.In order to be assured of the non-detrimental nature of the raw and consumed materials, applied in the mainstream technology for manufacturing of intraocular lenses, vast clinical studies were conducted in six medical center, under the supervision of the French Ministry of Health on 400 patients.
    This search project proved the ease of placement of the lenses, the hygiene as well as satisfaction of the patient.
    Additionally, the long-term studies, implemented on rats, and rabbits, have proved the safety of this product.
    We belive that :
    “Quality is never an accident; it is a result of planning Team work and commitment to excellence”.